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If you can afford vacations, you can afford and Cruise! Applications presented cruises are carefully selected and organized in cooperation with our longtime partners, who guarantee the quality and safety, witnessed many happy passengers. Cruises are a synonym for the quality of modern tourism. Offer a quality hotel such as a high standard, excellent gastronomic offer with full kitchen, trips, dinners with entertainment programs, an ideal opportunity for socializing and new acquaintances, and many more …. and all at a fair price. In the belief that you will again travel to one of the ships from our program, or you are just the first time opt for such a journey, we wish you calm seas and pleasant journey.

Yacht charter

yachtAre you searching for yacht charter in middle Adriatic Croatia? Follow this link for perfect choice for you!


MB Emanuel


Are you searching for motor boat in Croatia? This is prefect choice for you!


MB Barbara

barbaraAre you searching for beautiful motor boat in Croatia? This is prefect choice for you!



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